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About L3 Aerospace Systems Group

L3 Aerospace Systems Group develops and integrates defense and commercial technology for U.S. and allied customers worldwide. Headquartered in Rockwall, Texas, L3 ASG has more than five decades of experience in the development of complex intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems; command and control; and secure communications. It is recognized internationally as a systems integration organization specializing in the modernization and maintenance of aircraft of all sizes. It is a leader in advanced technologies for signal processing, electronic countermeasures, sensor development and aircraft self-protection. Systems provided or maintained by L3 ASG help protect military and civilian personnel, bases, assets and national borders throughout the world.

About L3 Technologies

Headquartered in New York City, L3 Technologies employs approximately 31,000 people worldwide and is a prime contractor in aerospace systems and national security solutions. L3 is also a leading provider of a broad range of communication and electronic systems and products used on military and commercial platforms. The company reported 2017 sales of $9.6 billion.

To learn more about L3, please visit the company's Web site at www.L3T.com.

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