Depot Level Maintenance

Third Line Maintenance

Meeting aircraft maintenance requirements in today’s international market means providing timely service and complete customer satisfaction. Over the years, L3 MAS has met the challenge through integrated service capabilities – providing a complete spectrum of post-production support, including aircraft damage assessment, engineering repairs and on-site aircraft work.

Modifications, design of repairs and overhaul for primary, secondary, and tertiary aircraft structures can be tailored to individual aircraft or fleet-wide needs. Routine repairs requiring a quick turnaround or major repairs needing significant rework are provided as part of our overall technical service capabilities.

Our skills include developing repairs and modifications along with their validation through the use of prototype. Dedication to excellence is part of the L3 MAS' work ethic, and this translates into a successful application of the Integrated Product Team (IPT) concept, where design processes include direct input from production, tooling, methods and engineering.

Depot Maintenance Sites:

  • Mirabel
  • Bagotville
  • Cold Lake
  • Trenton



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