Engineering Services

Engineering Services

L3 MAS’s engineering department has developed exceptional technical strength through years of providing engineering services, primarily to the Canadian Forces CF-18 and
CT-114 fleets, Australia’s F/A-18 fleet, Westland and Agusta on the EH101 helicopter, and Sikorsky for the S-92 helicopter, as well as through the customization of Bombardier Aerospace’s aircraft for special mission configurations.

Our engineering department has also broadened its capabilities to include Structural Design, Aircraft Structural Integrity Programs (ASIP), Structural Analysis, Fatigue Management, Full-Scale Structural Testing, Avionics and Electrical Design, Software Development, Robotic Shot Peening and R&D. We offer a wealth of experience in working on both military and commercial fleets.

Aircraft Structural Integrity Programs

L3 MAS has a long history of supporting the Canadian Forces in the Aircraft Structural Integrity Programs (ASIP) of various aircraft. We offer the following ASIP-related services:

  • Airframe strength and rigidity analysis
  • Operational Loads Monitoring (OLM) and analysis
  • Spectrum development
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Structural testing
  • Damage tolerance analysis
  • Risk and probabilistic analysis
  • Aircraft logistics and maintenance planning

In several fields such as OLM (GIFTS), Spectrum Development (SpecGen) and ASIP data management (SIS) L3 MAS has developed new software, which can be used on a variety of platforms with minimal change.

Structural and Mechanical Engineering

L3 MAS has extensive experience in repairs requiring quick turn-around and in major repairs and modifications requiring significant analysis and rework for both metallic and composite aircraft structures as well as mechanical systems.

We also have in-depth experience in aircraft repair design using the most advanced techniques supported by a variety of software tools, from AutoCAD* to CCD* to CATIA* and VPM*. These tools are used for detail drawings, installation and general assembly. Solid models created with 3D software can also be electronically transferred to PATRAN* for finite element modeling.

L3 MAS offers the following types of design services:

  • Design of structural modifications and repairs
  • Design of mechanical systems
  • Damage assessments and technical investigations
  • Development of process specifications and modification orders
  • Technical publications support
  • Liaison engineering
  • Material and Processes
Our structural engineering group offers a wide range of services:
  • Static stress analysis
  • Linear and non-linear finite element analysis (material & geometric), using primarily MSC NASTRAN, PATRAN
  • Fatigue analysis and damage tolerance analysis
  • Establishment of critical structural data and locations
  • Weight and balance calculations and design optimizations
  • Identification and prioritization of fatigue critical structures
  • Development of rationalized and cost-effective structural maintenance programs

Avionics Engineering

L3 MAS has proven expertise and skill sets to support the upgrade and maintenance of avionics suites. We perform all aspects of avionics enhancement or modification from concept exploration to installation and support on projects such as:

  • Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS)
  • Cockpit Video Recording System (CVRS)
  • Laser Target Designator/Ranger (LTD/R)
  • Radar warning receiver modernization
  • Data link modernization
  • Electronic warfare and aircraft self-protection system to aircraft integration
  • Replacement of integrated intercom system
  • Installation of integrated multi-band radios and navigation systems


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