Contact persons in purchasing

Timothy Ayoub Senior Manager, Supply Chain and Planning (450) 476-4147
Annick Rémy Supervisor (450) 476-4337
Chantal Bélanger Buyer, Building Maintenance Services (450) 476-4226
Isabelle Maisonneuve Buyer / Hardware and Raw Material (450) 476-4525
Marie-Claude Brillant Buyer / CF-18 R&O Parts (450) 476-4257
Karine Patry Buyer / CC-150 Program (Mirabel, QC) (450) 476-4510
Rémi Rocheleau Buyer / CC-150 Program (Mirabel, QC) (450) 476-4202
Robert Gilmour Buyer / CC-150 Program (Trenton, ON) (613) 790-6264
Martin Stutz Buyer / Manufactured Parts and Tooling / CT-114 R&O parts (450) 476-4022
Sophie Bissonnette Buyer / Manufactured Parts and Tooling (450) 476-4267
Shirley Demers Buyer / Manufactured Parts and Special Process (450) 476-4725
Jean-François Labelle Procurement Quality Assurance Engineer (450) 476-4205
Martine Peuch Traffic and Customs (450) 476-4035
Traffic Fax (450) 476-4855

Customs Requirements-Proform invoice Checklist

All shipments passing through customs must reflect the following information on documents:

  • Consignee name, address, contact name & telephone number
  • PO number
  • Detailed and accurate description of goods (no acronyms)
  • Unit price
  • Quantity of units being shipped
  • Country of origin
  • Total value

For questions or problems, please contact Martine Peuch at (450) 476-4035.

For the transmittal of invoice

Att'n: Accounts Payable
10000 Helen-Bristol Street
Mirabel International Airport
Mirabel, Québec
J7N 1H3

Environment Policies

Engineering Process Control (GAZ-000-0016)

Requirements for Suppliers (GAA-000-0001)

Purchase Order General Terms and Conditions (DSD3001)

Approved suppliers list *

Approved suppliers list

*If the required supplier or specification is not listed on the L3 MAS Approved Suppliers List, please contact your buyer.

L-3 Supplier Questionnaire

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