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L3 MAS Electronic Publications group is preeminent in Canada with more than 40 years of experience

L3 MAS Electronic Publications group is one of the premier suppliers of publication management and production services in Canada with more than 40 years of experience. Our Tech Pubs group serves the needs of both military and commercial aerospace customers worldwide. Our team of over 45 dedicated professionals uses the latest tools and technologies to create quality publications within budget and on schedule. We do it all, from complex program management to legacy data conversion into Standard Generalized Mark-up Language (SGML) or Extensible Mark-up Language (XML). We offer standard publication production services such as technical writing, editing, illustrating, translation and Technical Accuracy Check (TAC), Web design, graphic design, technical 3D animation, as well as the latest in electronic publishing.

L3 MAS Electronic Publications group prides itself in staying current with the latest tools

One major and unique achievement within our Electronic Pubs organization is the creation of a team of application developers, known as System Developers (SD). The SD team consists mainly of programmers and experienced electronic publications personnel, and is committed to our organization’s continuous growth in the area of application development. As a result, we carry out, on a yearly basis, Research and Development (R&D) projects in order to create new applications to complement our electronic publications expertise. Our SD team is constantly seeking new ways to customize existing applications and automate repetitive tasks. Through programming and scripting, they have been able to extend the limits of current technologies.

L3 MAS has extensive experience in S1000D conversion, Common Source Data Base and interactive wiring diagrams implementation, and IETM/IETP integration within an Integrated Information Environment

Since 2004, L3 MAS has been involved in the design and deployment of an Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) solution for the Canadian Force’s CH148 Cyclone aircraft, also known as Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP). This design included converting the existing S-92A maintenance and operator publication set to S1000D, establishing business rules and authoring style guides, implementing a Common Source Data Base (CSDB) and interactive wiring diagrams solution, and designing a sound integration solution within an Integrated Information Environment (IIE). Our knowledge and experience gained in designing such a solution greatly benefits our clients and provides the most value added and low-risk solution for the deployment and support of publication sets.

As a leader in IETM deliveries, L3 MAS has taken the XML IETM up to the next level by introducing the Interactive Documentation Library System (IDLS). The IDLS is the next generation of IETM that contains the necessary flexibility and functionality to meet additional customer requirements, such as hosting courseware material as well as any additional document types, all in its native format (XML, HTML, PDF, DOC, etc.). L3 MAS can also support any electronic publications specifications such as S1000D, CALS, ATA “out-of-the-box”.

L3 MAS provides its customers with turnkey solutions for their electronical publications

The depth and breadth of our expertise has enabled L3 MAS to provide its customers with electronical publication options. With our Content Management System (CMS), UltraCSDB from WebX Systems Ltd, we can provide our customers with low-risk and cost-effective solutions. UltraCSDB manages the production and workflow of S1000D publications, digital assets, IETP and print publications. This easy-to-use CMS allows quick configuration and supports other specifications such as CALS and ATA.


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